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Look for Cowboy Delight, an erotic contemporary novella in February 2015. The first full-length novel, Cowboy Heaven, is now available for preorder!


Here's a listing of all of my books.
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iTunes   Yeah. I know. A singer with the same name pops up with my books when you do an iTunes search for my books. Not quite sure how to fix that... 

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The Cat Star Chronicles: Rebel! Coming in July 2014!

He helped to find her kidnapped friends. Will he let her steal his heart?

Kimcasha has lived by her wits since she lost her family when she was ten years old. So when three of her friends vanish, she has no qualms about using herself as kidnapper's bait, until a stranger foils her plot...

After ten years of selling his services in a brothel, Onca has decided to retire. A refugee of planet Zetith, he has no family, no surname, and no woman—until he rescues a young homeless girl from a kidnapper.

Onca helps Kim find her friends, but as their intense attraction deepens, he begins feeling too jaded for someone so innocent. It's up to Kim to convince him otherwise...

Unlikely Lovers Book 4: Unrivaled available now!


Nobody does it better…

Devoted to her nursing career and her college-age son, Leslie Wilkes isn’t looking for love. But when she spots an adorable young man sitting at the bar while celebrating her fiftieth birthday, she secretly buys him a drink.


Construction worker Robin Thatcher has always preferred older women. He can’t believe his luck when he deduces that the woman of his dreams paid for that drink. Determined not to lose her, he contrives a meeting.


Robin is the cutest thing Leslie has ever seen, and her heart overrules her head when he begs her to follow him home. A long weekend of passion and tenderness has them suspecting they were made for each other. Unfortunately, the gap between their ages isn’t the only impediment to future bliss. Other obstacles are even more daunting—especially those they have yet to discover…

 Unlikely Lovers Book 3: Undeniable!


Extraordinary talent, undeniable love…
Following the discovery of his fetish, rock guitarist Joey Manzetti’s girlfriend leaves him, taking their child. When his neighbor, nurse Tracy Richards is assaulted by her date, Joey comes to her rescue. Sick of dealing with abusive guys, Tracy swears off men.
When Joey learns that the child he loved isn’t his, Tracy is supportive, and as their friendship grows, so does the sexual attraction. However, fearing another failed relationship, Tracy refuses to acknowledge Joey’s romantic overtures. She inspires him like no other, but can his kinky secret assist him in the quest for her love?

Unlikely Lovers Book 2: Uninhibited!


Too much is never enough…

Alan John’s sexual appetite has exhausted every woman he’s ever dated. Guilt-ridden following a brief fling with a married woman, he’s chosen to abstain—until he spots Emily Carmichael at an ice cream parlor.

A lifetime of romantic disappointments has left Emily too depressed to respond to Alan’s overtures. He writes his number on a napkin, insisting she call him if she ever changes her mind. When Emily realizes what an opportunity she’s missed, she can’t find the napkin—or Alan—anywhere.

In desperation, she asks her brother if he knows anyone named Alan. An hour later, her brother arrives with the right Alan in tow. Alan is the most insatiable man Emily’s ever encountered, and he’s exactly what she needs. But will a secret involving a former lover destroy their newfound bliss?

Unlikely Lovers Book 1: Unbridled!


When passion is given free rein…

Farrier Travis York has found his dream woman in nurse and horse breeder Miranda Jackson until he spots her wedding ring. He attempts to deny the attraction, but Miranda has already captured his heart.

A widow with an autistic child, Miranda wears her ring as a deterrent to suitors. Although smitten with Travis, she can’t believe the handsome younger man could ever be more than eye candy.

When Travis discovers Miranda’s widowhood, she acknowledges the attraction but still sees the age difference as an obstacle. An intense sexual encounter has Travis hearing wedding bells until a bump on the head leaves Miranda wondering what the hell she missed…  

The Cat Star Chronicles #9: Wildcat

When horse breeder Sara Shield encounters Jerden Morokovitz riding bareback and naked, she's stunned by the magnificence of both man and stallion. But Sara came to Terra Minor to get away from men.
The murder of Jerden's lover by a deranged woman has left this former star attraction of the Zetithian Palace brothel shattered in mind and body. Jerden is sure Sara can heal his anguish—but not unless he can find the key to her heart.
Second place winner in the 2014 Prism Awards contest!


The Sextet Presents... A Tale of Two Knights: Legends


Desperately in love with Sir Lancelot and her husband, King Arthur, Guinevere seeks Merlin’s assistance in bringing both men to her bed. The clever sorcerer promises his help, but cautions that the enchantment must never be revealed, and that she must accomplish the seduction within one hour or the consequences will, indeed, be dire.

Arthur has known of the love between his queen and his bravest knight, but can see no way for the three of them to be together in a castle filled with spies and intrigue. Lancelot is torn between his love for Guinevere and his friendship with Arthur, not to mention his duty to the kingdom. Therefore, he is willing to go north to spy on the king’s half sister, Morgause, a task that could end in his death.

When Gwen drinks the vile potion Merlin has prepared for her, she believes its only purpose is to give her the courage to speak her mind. Little does she know that the crafty old wizard has a few other tricks up his sleeve…

The Sextet Presents... The Lady Takes a Pair: In Days of Olde...


Lady Juliet Nordsworth may be the daughter of an earl, but even her rank cannot save her reputation following a scandalous tryst with a stable lad. Nicholas Pennington, the Viscount Rotherford, however, is in need of a lady who will not only provide him with an heir, but will also accept his current lover, William Davenport, who is also his footman and valet.

The Earl of Clarenhurst thinks he can secure Rotherford’s vote for the repressive laws he has proposed by giving the viscount his only daughter’s hand in marriage. Little does he know that his future son-in-law has both a mind and a will of his own.

Attracted to both men, Juliet is aroused and intrigued by a demonstration of their love in a secluded spot on Rotherford’s estate. Rotherford’s offer of marriage will free her from her father’s tyranny, but can she trust her heart to two men?

Midnight in Reno, an erotic short story.


As the resident masseuse in a Reno hotel, Adam Bryce’s technique is guaranteed to delight, but he has yet to find the woman of his dreams.

About to become her philandering husband’s third ex-wife, Evelyn Douglas is in pain and feeling as worthless as an old shoe. When she calls to request Adam’s services, passion ignites in a most unusual manner…

The Sextet Presents.... Small, Medium, and Large: A Toy Story


Passion ignites when Toby Lawrence meets Renee Swarovski in a sex toy shop. But when he introduces her to his roommate, Lance Svahnstrom, she uncovers the latent attraction between the two men. She’s fallen for both of them, but will they need her now that they have each other?

The Cat Star Chronicles #8: Stud


Even for a Zetithian, Tarq Zulveidinoe's sexual prowess is legendary. Believing it's all he's good for, Tarq sets out to perpetuate his threatened species by offering his services to women across the galaxy...
Lucinda Force is the sensitive dark horse in a self-absorbed family, repeatedly told that no man will ever want such a plain woman. Lucy longs for romance, but is resigned to her loveless lot in life--until Tarq walks through the door of her father's restaurant on Talus Five...

The Sextet's Christmas anthology, Mistletoe & Menage


Angel on Broadway by Cheryl Brooks [M/F/M, contemporary with paranormal elements] Still mourning her late husband, Ariel Nathanson is drawn to the music of downtown Nashville. Alexei and Nico Tomaris are two Greek cousins playing in a country band. Alexei has carried a torch for Ariel for years, but Nico found her first. Sharing her isn’t an option—or is it?

The Sextet Anthologies, Volume 4: Entanglements


A Delicate Procedure by Cheryl Brooks [Contemporary, bondage]
Restraints are required when hunky graduate student Aidan Vidal asks nurse Trish Davis, his neighbor and former babysitter, for help with an embarrassing problem. When he winds up tied to her bed, an unexpected and intensely erotic development occurs. Suddenly, their age difference is no longer an impediment to love.

The Sextet Anthology #3: Occupational Hazards


Cheryl Brooks ~ Windfall

Angelica Jacobs gets more than she bargained for when a handsome contractor falls through the roof of her Bed & Breakfast. Can anyone say foursome?

Sex, Love, and a Purple Bikini now available on Kindle, Nook, and Smashwords


Executive assistant Terri Marshall has never fallen for a man in her life, but Cupid’s arrow finds its mark when she meets Benjamin Tremaine. Unfortunately, he’s the husband of Terri’s employer, aka the Boss from Hell.
Trapped in what amounts to a marriage of convenience, Ben is giving it one last shot before throwing in the towel. But when his wife brings her assistant along to a conference in Myrtle Beach, Ben finally realizes just how empty his life has been.
Now that two handsome beach boys have made Terri an offer she can’t refuse, Ben is left with a wife who won’t agree to a divorce and a woman he knows he can’t have.
Contains explicit sex, M/F/M, M/F, Hero is separated, DP

The Sextet Anthologies Volume 2: Dirty Dancing


Whether by herself, with a single partner, or many, every woman exudes sensuality when she practices the art form of dance. Men are drawn to her. Sometimes she must decide on one, but other times they don't want her to choose, they're willing to share her on the dance floor, in bed, and in love.

Elizabeth Raines ~ Lessons in Love

Actor Craig Everett invites actress Juliana Barrington to rumba lessons for a charity dance competition. When sexy instructor Alejandro Rivas recognizes their attraction to each other—and to him—can he teach them to open up their hearts?

Cheryl Brooks ~ The Boys in the Band

Welsh pub owner Geneva Tirey is about to discover that when the boys in the band say they want her to be their girl, they really do mean all four of them. All together. At the same time.

Mellanie Szereto ~ Learning Curve

Accountant Laynie Donahue can crunch numbers and teach adventurous women to pole dance, but can she convince the Hilliard brothers to share her love?

The Sextet Anthologies Volume 1: Sharing. Available from Siren, Barnes & Noble, and Amazon


From the distant past to the distant future, and in the world of fantasy, two or more men may occasionally find themselves in love with the same woman. How they handle the problem is unique, both to the situation, and to themselves. But for the lady, it is always exciting. . . .

Elizabeth Raines ~ Immortal Kiss

Paralegal Katrina Mason falls for a handsome new client and agrees to join him for a cozy dinner. When she discovers that Adrian Bishop is the leader of a tribe of three male Nightwalkers who want to share her, Kat must decide if she has the courage to join them.

Cheryl Brooks ~ Double Desire

When exhausted attorney Nalira Morkind orders room service, she gets more than she expected. The handsome clones of a very rich, powerful man, Sar and Lon are the property of the hotel. They can fulfill Nalira’s every need and wildest dreams, but can she free them from unjust slavery?

Ginger O'Brien ~ Southern Comfort

Returning home from Paris after the Civil War, Southern belle Anna BonDurant knows she must make a difficult decision. But if she can’t decide which O’Donnell twin she wants as her lover, Devon or Connor, maybe she will just have to get a bigger bed.

Annie Morgan ~ Double Tap

Jennifer Delaney has her sights set on an unusual birthday present. But when Trey and Wil set their own rules of engagement, can she hold out against a double team mission straight to her heart?

Mellanie Szereto ~ Two Many Chefs

Wren McCoskey must interview two chefs for her cousin's wedding reception. Spencer Andrews and Dane Fletcher are talented, gorgeous, and old friends. Can she stand the heat when they start cooking?

Niki Hayes ~ Studs in Stetsons

Samantha Phillips trades her Louisiana city life for a Texas ranch to write an article about cowboys. Between the hot days, and even hotter nights, she finds two studs in Stetsons more than she can handle. But Greg and Dallas have plans of their own, if they can convince her to stay.

The Cat Star Chronicles #7: Virgin



Starship pilot Dax Vandilorsk never encountered a woman he wanted badly enough. Until he met Ava Karon...


Dax is happy to take Ava back to her home planet, until he finds out she's returning to an old boyfriend...

As their journey together turns into a quest neither expected, Ava would give herself to Dax in a heartbeat. Except he doesn't know the first thing about seducing a woman...

The Cat Star Chronicles #6: Hero



Micyala is the last Zetithian female left in the universe. She doesn't know what's normal for her species, but she knows when she sees Trag that all she wants to do is bite him...


Trag has sworn he'll never marry unless he can find a Zetithian female. But now that he's finally found Micayla, she may be more of a challenge than even he's able to take on...

The Cat Star Chronicles #5: Fugitive!

Available now! Edit Text

FugitiveCover22.JPG Edit Picture
In book five of The Cat Star Chronicles, Drusilla Chevrault, a renowned wildlife painter drawn to Barada Seven by its fabulous birds, finds a far more interesting subject in Manx, a sexy Zetithian who has been on the run from his enemies for the past twenty years. Now that Manx has chosen Drusilla as his mate, others have tracked him down, and in the race to find the last Zetithian, the winner will determine whether he loves or dies. . . Edit Text

The Cat Star Chronicles #4: Outcast


In book four of The Cat Star Chronicles series, Bonnie Neurath, a homesteader on the newly colonized planet of Terra Minor, is in desperate need of help. Her boyfriend abandoned her with a farm, some really nasty livestock, and a baby on the way. Lynx is a Zetithian who spent ten years as a slave to a harem full of women. Now a free man, he's already forgotten more about pleasing women than most men ever learn, but his experiences have also turned him into an impotent woman-hater. Neither is looking for love, but when circumstances bring them together, danger and hot romance ensue. This one will break your heart, patch it up, and make it BURN!!!!

The Cat Star Chronicles #3: Rogue


Book three of The Cat Star Chronicles, Rogue is the tale of two Zetithian brothers, Trag and Tychar, alien warriors who were captured and sold into slavery near the end of the war that resulted in the near extinction of their kind. They have been the pampered pets of a Darconian queen for the past twenty years, and though their lives haven't been hard, being the lone humanoid males on a planet populated by lizards hasn't allowed them much in the way of sexual gratification. However, the progressive Queen Scalia has hired a human female, Kyra Aramis, to give piano lessons to her daughter.
Alone on a world filled with intelligent, but fearsome dinosaurs, Kyra is understandably nervous, and the discovery that she is not the only humanoid on the planet offers only a brief comfort.
Tychar is assigned to be Kyra's personal attendant, and though he and Trag are both irresistible, there are two of them, and worst of all, they are slaves to the Queen. What's a girl to do?
Just when things get interesting, rumors of unrest begin flying, and the peaceful planet of Darconia undergoes a major political upheaval, with the offworlders caught in the middle.

The Cat Star Chronicles #2: Warrior


Warrior, the second book in Cheryl Brooks' The Cat Star Chronicles series, features Tisana, a witch on the planet Utopia, gifted with the power to control fire and communicate telepathically with animals. She is a healer, skilled in herbal lore and, like all of her kind, must wait for “the one” who will father her child and enable the line of witches to continue. When her former lover, Rafe, brings his battered slave to her for treatment, Tisana meets Leo, a Zetithian warrior whose sensuous nature overwhelms her cautious heart, and whom she suspects might be the one she's been waiting for. When Rafe’s sons disappear, the chance for Leo to earn his freedom sends them on a harrowing adventure filled with danger, exciting swordfights, hilarious animals, and sizzling romance!

The Cat Star Chronicles #1: Slave


Book one of The Cat Star Chronicles
Captain Jacinth “Jack” Rutland has been searching the galaxy for her kidnapped sister, Ranata, for six long, fruitless years. Tired, bitter, and avoiding romance out of necessity, Jack's quest has brought her to a planet where all women are enslaved, and to rescue her sister, she must first find a man to pose as her own master.
In desperation, she buys Carkdacund “Cat” Tshevnoe, an exotic feline native of the planet Zetith who was enslaved following the war which destroyed his homeworld. Granting him his freedom, Jack enlists Cat's aid, vowing to keep her own feelings for him at bay until her sister is safe.
But Cat is much more than she bargained for. Powerfully seductive and deadly attractive, Cat is living proof that the true reason for the destruction of Zetith had far more to do with love than with war. . . .

Be sure to check out my self-published novel, If You Could Read My Mind, written under the name Samantha R. Michaels!


Her first marriage has left Sarah Jane Kendall with deep, disfiguring scars on her body as well as her soul. Burdened by her past and a deep-seated fear of all men, she finds her last and best hope for happiness in Ian McAllister, a descendant of Scottish gypsies with psychic abilities he has yet to develop to their fullest. Can Ian discover the truth about Sarah's past and help her learn to laugh, love, and trust once more? Both have past experiences they would perfer to forget, but Ian is determined to make their future together something worth remembering. Join Sarah on her adventures as a Home Health nurse in the West Virginia hills as she touches the lives of others, discovering laughter, fulfillment, and searing romance with a touch of the supernatural.

Don't let the lambs fool you, it's HOT!

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