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          Virgin is in Walmart!!!!


In Memoriam

Kira (aka Fox Valley Dark Queen)

June 22, 1994-September 29, 2010


This is Peaches, my new puppy! She was 11 weeks old in this photo. She's a sweetie!


And here's Peaches all grown up!


My Guitar!  I'm sooooo in love!

Everyone thinks my ambition is to be a romance writer, but like just about everyone else,
I wanna be a rockstar!


My inspiration for Cat! 


This is Me!

My editor had been asking for a picture for the book and the website and I'd baulked a bit--not very photogenic, you know! But one day back in September, the morning glories were in bloom and I was getting ready for our annual cookout and the hair and make-up went well, so I had my husband grab the camera!


         Early morning on the farm.


My good friends Tracy and Natalie,

Two fellow nurses and the source of many a juicy story!


Meet Kes, Kira, Damar, Jadzia, and Arwen!
update 12/24/2010
Alas, Damar and Arwen have been sold and with my dear Kira gone, Kes and Jadzia are the only horses left in my barn.  Cry



Mike is my eldest son, currently a computer graphics technology graduate student at Purdue. If my website looks cool, it's because of him!


Angela and Suzie

These are two of my very best friends! Suzie's ambition is to make a living as my road manager. If I sell LOTS of books, I might be able to hire her, so, let's help her out!